We'll Buy Your Car - Even If You Don't Purchase From Us

At Volvo Cars Brooklyn we are always looking for quality vehicles regardless of the make and model. Even if you don't buy a new vehicle directly from us, we are still prepared to offer you a fair and honest offer for your vehicle. This can all be done in three easy steps. Contact us today to get more information or read about our easy appraisal process below.

Contact Us

How it Works

Click on the Contact us buttons at the top and bottom of this page if you would like one of our expert appraisers to send you an offer for your vehicle. Our offers come from someone at the dealership, not just auto-generated from a program. Please be sure to provide information that is accurate so we can give you the very best offer possible. Volvo Cars Brooklyn's offer is good regardless of a new purchase.


The offer we provide is based on a final inspection at our Brooklyn dealership. We will schedule a time with an appraiser for an inspection, if you have maintenance records, bring them - they exhibit the care you took to keep your car in good condition. Once we are able to physically evaluate your car, we will give you a free no-obligation appraisal of your vehicle and final offer. Again, this offer does not require you to purchase a vehicle from us.

Accept Offer

If you accept our offer to purchase your vehicle, there is some key documentation we will need. We recommend bringing this with you to the inspection so you don't have to make an additional trip to the dealership. You should be prepared to bring the following to your inspection: car's title, registration and any payoff information. All titleholders should be present and you'll need your IDs. And please bring all of the keys and remotes and owners manuals - these are like gold in the used car business!